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Subject:  Re: Continuing the conversation Date:  7/17/2000  12:49 AM
Author:  scutts03 Number:  4535 of 10421

I'm a little suprised after reading most -but not all-(shame on me didn't do thorough research) of the responses to the Bill Barker article that noone thought to suggest that maybe the party that ought to be sued is Yahoo itself. I like most others here disagree with the sympathy expressed in the article on behalf of CFSB.
I agree with most of Teknon's points expressed a couple days ago as to why the article was way off the mark in siding with a multibillion dollar investment underwriter like CFSB against 11 individuals who most likely can barely afford the cab fair to get to the courthouse.
Having seen some of the offending posts and read the commentary here I quite agree there is no merit for a lawsuit. In fact its ridiculous. But for the sake of argument if CSFB is going to sue anybody why not sue Yahoo Internet for its negligence in failing to adaquately monitor its message boards?
I know you've taken a wacking here but why didn't Bill Barker as a rep of TMF-the best boards on the net by far- if he's so concerned about message board quality not take Yahoo to task for not more closely policing its message boards? Am I nuts here or what? Oh I see because the boards are supposed to be a forum for free and open disucssion and any attempts to censor them by Yahoo or TMF or anybody else would be improper and a violation of free speech.But its OK to waste the courts time and money because some investors said what they thought - which in fact turned out to be accurate and some shrinking violet analyst got his feathers ruffled?
Should the internet be any different than any other entity when it comes to slander and liable? As far as I'm concerned if your going to regulate what you can say on the internet a questionable assumption - itself - why not hold the internet companies liable. What I'm saying is the wrong guys are taking the fall here. Yahoo should step up and defend those that patronize its message boards and CSFB should be exposed for what this absurd suit is: a thinly veiled attempt to skapegoat the weakest party for its own profit - the individual investor.

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