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Subject:  Re: How many doppelgangers? Date:  8/21/2000  1:50 PM
Author:  TMFMaverick Number:  5849 of 27876

Hey JPS,

Just wanted to say "Hey, good job, I don't (always) agree, but I really appreciate it."

As some people here have said, I think you all do care, as long time Fools, what direction this company takes. Hell, you've invested a lot of time here, and it's totally natural for you to expect the best as such. Yes, I may not agree with some or most of what you all talk about. However, particularly on this board which is within the Investment Club domain (i.e. semi-private), I think you're more than welcome to discuss the Foolish direction. It's certainly has more excitement than your everyday stock board and that's what OT boards were intended for.

I can sympathize with all of your concerns about stalking. Though near as I can tell 99% would be solved not by spending many hours on some anti-stalking app. Rather it seems that most of you have issues with maybe 2-3 posters and their relevant doppels. Addressing that aspect (and I can understand your frustrations) is the quickest solution to the problem.

With Soapbox, only time will tell. And disclosure, though you've heard it before, is truly on its way; though I'm not sure when. As far as the FA and post pulling goes, perhaps it is human error and perhaps because you all are among the most vocal, you are also among the most visible which inevitably leads to more intense scrutiny of said posts.

But by and large, I appreciate you sticking around and voicing your concerns. Yes, it's irritating at times, and yes, sometimes there is the feeling of "will anything please these guys." However, without discontent, a company does not have the ability to evaluate all the possible directions even though we might not follow your subtle suggestions.

So once more "Hey, good job, I don't (always) agree, but I really appreciate it."

Fool On!


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