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Subject:  Re: Demeanor Toward Newbies Date:  8/27/2000  7:49 AM
Author:  Volki Number:  78185 of 275131


could you give any examples to what you are referring? If you have certain people in mind write them an email and tell them your complaints. Attacking "certain regulars" wouldn't change anything.

I am from Germany as you might have noticed and I made the personal observation that this board is IMHO one of the finest and nicest board in regard of dealing with newbies in both of our countries. There might be more like this but I have seen many boards which are very rude and not only to newbies. I do not participate on any of these, because flaming and fighting is not what I am looking for.

Newbies are welcome and they are directed to the FAQ and the FW board. The friendlier a newbie is the friendlier comes the answer. Quite normal. Unfriendly newbies get unfriendly answers. Maybe not the politest way to deal with people but there is nothing to complain about that.

Newbies coming to our board like greyhelm did some messages earlier are looking for trouble and there is no need to give someone like him a warm welcome. WilliamLipp was the first regular to spot him and he did the wright thing.

Newbies coming to our board and firing away questions are not much better. The attitude "why should I bother reading all this stuff or start thinking by myself if I could ask the oldtimers?" is very impolite and unfriendly and should not be answered with a warm welcome.

I think it is kind of a self-defense. I guess if you are still around here next year at this time you will have changed your mind and understand why this is done.

Mostly this board deals with these people in the spirit of this board (nearly unemotional). Not everybody who is feeling attacked was really the aim of an attack.

I started with TMF in october 98, bought my first screen in december 98 and sent my first message to this board around september 99 and I am already way behind your amount of messages.

Yesterday I had a problem with computing CAGRs for manual backtests of MSS screens (Jamies engine does not allow to plug in blends as high or low screen, so I had to this by hand using excel and not his engine). I was not able to reproduce the CAGR and GSD and +-1,2,3 S. So I started searching around, looked at LaPropDocs Guide, and went to the FW board. I finally found was I was looking for, although I do not follow the FW board, got some formulas and finally reached to reproduce the numbers and get my own calculations done. Not a single posting was sent, not one question asked, and this whole thing took me quite some time.

You did the opposite thing. You fired right away a question at Jamie about his backtesting engine although you could have answered your question by yourself. Taking a look at LaPropDocs MI guide page #30 and #47 and a deeper look at Jamies site would have answered your question too. And you asked your question here and not at the FW board.

Get the difference? (Please do take this example as a personal attack it just come handy)

We don't want any newbies who want us to do their homework!



Maybe everybody who wants to post to this board should pass kind of an MI exam which could not be answered by a newbie but easily by anybody who read the FW FAQ or the MI guide?
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