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Subject:  Re: Newbies Date:  8/27/2000  3:41 PM
Author:  Ganymede Number:  78261 of 275357


Your idea for a standard reply is a great one. I've already bookmarked your post for future use. My one modification would be to make sure that its clear that the newbie can ask his question immediately on the FW board and not just after he's reviewed several months worth of material (which, while not a bad idea, is simply not realistic for all).

Such a modification could be accomplished by simply tweaking your initial paragraphs, as follows:

Thank you for showing an interest in Mechanical Investing. Although this community welcomes your participation, you have inadvertantly placed your post on the advanced Mechanical Investing board which is occupied with the research and development of new stock screens. Basic questions about MI (including your individual portfolio allocation) will be answered on the Foolish Workshop Board at: [link omitted].

It can be quite confusing the first time you stumble in here, but don't worry as the Foolish Workshop board is specifically designed to help you out. And, don't worry about the quality of the assistance, most of the regulars on this board also patrol the FW board in order to give their expert guidance to newcomers. So: (1) copy your question; (2)click on the above link; and (3) paste your question on the FW board. Most likely, you'll soon receive a quick and informative reply.

If you want, you can include the remainder of your post:

As this place can be quite confusing the first time you stumble in, here's a little extra help you might want to consider when getting started with MI . . .

However, this info is already contained in a bunch of places and the above polite response will most likely to the trick. Once on the FW board, we can hit them with the rest of the links (including all the great ones connected by LAPropDoc.

What does everyone else think?


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