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Subject:  Re: PUMA, INSP, AETH and PHCM Date:  9/3/2000  12:46 PM
Author:  xerohype Number:  4111 of 8783

Hi ab (jeffbarson):

You wrote (quoting me <<here>>):
"From the Bandwagon,
<<The correct GG strategy would be to buy a basket of wireless infrastructure players: PUMA, INSP, AETH and PHCM (can substitute GNET and SWCM to get the merger/arbritage premiums). IMO PUMA and PHCM are the Gorilla Game candidates, while INSP and AETH are really Godzilla Game players.>>
Is this the consensus?"

No, that is just one person's opinion, namely mine.

IMO, PUMA is involved in a Gorilla Game, early in the bowling alley stage. IMO, the safest route to take at this time is to buy a basket containing the leading companies in the wireless software sector. Again, IMO, these leading companies are INSP, PHCM, AETH and PUMA. I am not following that strategy, I only own shares of PUMA, because I think they have the best technology (forming the basis of an open proprietary architecture), a very strong value chain (partners and customers include NTTDocomo, Nokia, Palm, Symbian/Psion), as their software gets integrated by wireless carriers their barriers to entry and switching costs increase. Their MAP software IMO represents a discontinuous innovation, one of the components, Browse-Itâ„¢, turns html into wml allowing web sites to be displayed on wireless devices without using a third party web site (such as Infospace's wireless portal that aggregates content). The tornado in 3G is only a few quarters away, PUMA is growing its core business at a better than 80% year over year in its core business (last quarter's numbers), and that is expected to shoot up as the 3G rollout gets underway in earnest.

Just remember, this is just my opinion, and I do have a long position in PUMA.


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