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Subject:  Re: PUMA, INSP, AETH and PHCM Date:  9/3/2000  3:52 PM
Author:  xerohype Number:  4116 of 8783

Hi scrim1:

"PHCM is in a royalty game. doesn't not own WAP. It's an open standard. There will be no gorilla in the WAP browser or gateway space."

Let me make it clear that I'm not talking about anybody owning the WAP standards, I'm talking about an applications Gorilla Game developing, although very early in the bowling alley. When I refer to PUMA as being in a gorilla game, I'm talking the same type of game that Microsoft enjoys with Office, not the one it enjoys with the Windows OS. PALM is in that kind of GG where it does control the OS in the PDA market. Besides, PUMA also offers some great features with their Mind-It™ and Synch-It™ products, their integration of all of these offers a lot of promise, and PUMA is also unveiling their own protal to complement their software offerings. I do think though that Infospace leads the race at this moment, no questions about it, the question is seeing into the future.

"I don't see Browse-It™, replacing Infospace. The carriers don't want their users going off to third party web sites. They want their users staying on their WAP websites much like Aol has done with their service. Infospace provides content, services, and technology to the carriers to allow them to make wireless web happen (ie getting promotions, get stock quotes, email, finding the nearest ATM, ect..). Infospace basically provides a portal in a box. The carriers don't want their users going off to Yahoo for email, stock quotes, ect.."

Let me say that that's where the DI part comes in for PUMA. As a consumer I would rather have access to the whole web, not just one portion of it pre-packaged by INSP. PUMA plans on distributing its software widely. What's to stop me from bypassing Infospace? Now, I don't think that Infospace will be replaced by PUMA's software. Infospace, like AOL before it will survive and do very well, IMHO.

You didn't have to show me all those links for INSP, I am very aware of their awesome presence in wireless, just look at this post I made in the KP board the other day:

I also just responded with a long-winded message comparing AETH and PUMA in Rat's board:

As I've said before, the real GG way to play this sector is to buy a basket of companies to include: PUMA, AETH, PHCM and INSP. INSP now has a market cap of more than $9 Billion compared to PUMA's $1 Billion:
The risk is definitley higher for PUMA (so is the upside), and the game is in a very early stage.

Thanks for the comments. They are appreciated.

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