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Subject:  Re: PUMA, INSP, AETH and PHCM Date:  9/3/2000  7:31 PM
Author:  xerohype Number:  4124 of 8783

Hi again scrim1:

"They rather you use their services instead of using Yahoo."

That's true, but then again look at ATHM with its Excite portal ( I own some ATHM - yuck!). PUMA's plan is to put together their software platform (MAP) and integrate it with their portal MAP includes software to browse the web, get reminders and alerts (Mind-It™) and also data synchronization (Synch-It™). The portal will compete somewhat with INSP, but probably not that directly.

"Say you wanted to check your bid on eBay. Browse-It™ could render eBay's website to work on your cell phone."

PUMA already has an arrangement with Ebay to provide alerts in wireless devices. Let's say to warn you that the auction is ending and your bid has been beaten.

PUMA is way out in front in Japan with NTTDocomo and also with Japan's second carrier. NTTDcomo's sales force is helping PUMA sell its software for enterprise customers. As you know Japan is way ahead in terms of wireless data usage as compared to the U.S.

"I'm not sure i see how Browse-It™ competes with Infospace. Browse-It™ is a browser. Like Netscape Communicator, right?"

INSP and PUMA are playing different games and their technologies can be complementary to each other. This is not a zero-sum game.

Now, Netscape was a gorilla, until Microsoft used its gorilla (and according to DOJ, monopoly) power to crush them. Netscape would have controlled the browser market, but you know what happened there.

"It seems Browse-It™ is more of a DI to's browser."

Yes, but if you can easily bypass Infospace's portal using Browse-It™, then you are short-circuiting Infospace's model.

The market is in its early stages, if I knew for sure who would win, that's where I would put my money, but alas my crystal ball is in the shop. Barring the crystal ball, the basket approach makes a lot of sense.



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