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Subject:  Re: Wolpe on Social Security Date:  9/20/2000  12:23 PM
Author:  mcgoff Number:  24932 of 90457

<<Of course "Daddy Gorebucks" doesn't want us children at the helm of our own investment future, we're not capable, we have to have his guiding hand, just ask him.>>
I don't think Daddy Gorebucks is as nearly concerned about you as you may think. You have money, you plan for your future - you'll be OK. I believe he is more concerned about the slightly senile older gentleman who invests his life savings in junk bonds because a smart young man in a business suit said he would double his money. At the VERY LEAST, when this fool has been parted with his money, we won't see this citizen who worked hard all his live starving in the street. That won't happen, because we held a little back for him. The object of this exercise is to make sure our nation's workers and their dependents can have a modest living in retirement. It is particularly important for the most poor and the least wise of us, and those that don't plan ahead (there's one in every family!). We can't know in advance who these poor souls will be, or what might happen to any one of us, so a little is held back for ALL of us. Anyone who has seen how much money you get back from SS will agree that only a LITTLE has been held back for each of us. We still have the rest of our income to save for a more luxurious retirement. Don't worry, you are still "at the helm of (your) own investment future."

Yes, it's charity, it's sharing, it's caring, it's your money. I can't think of a better thing to do with it than to feed and shelter impoverished elderly people who worked hard all their lives and would otherwise have nothing, and you also get a supplement to your own more generous retirement when the time comes.

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