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Subject:  Re: History Lesson For QCOM Date:  9/26/2000  7:06 PM
Author:  mishedlo Number:  4538 of 8788

Sorry, Callisto has it right.
Look at RMBS for the answer.
RMBS sues infineon in Germany "europe" where the first to patent not the first to invent make it so.

Blackmail. No it is not.
It is costly to be fighting these suits all the time.
If NOK wants to take a chance that they can win after countless others have lost, Hell, let them go for it.

Another way of looking at is "As a QCOM shareholder" (especially one holding QCOM only and not NOK) wouldn't you want your company to do everything possible to get the revenue it is entitled to.

The industry always fights and resents the gorilla.
The gorilla must stand up for its rights whether or not one personally thinks it makes them a "bully".

Take a look at RMBS for how the game should be played!

RMBS filed against Infineon in Europe first, where discovery rules are much more strict and where there is no jury to befuddle, and where cases are decided far quicker that they are in the US, and where its legal issues to a judge instead of garbage to a jury, RMBS has brought this to a head this year.

RMBS has temporarily delayed its action against MU in the US. If RMBS wins against Infineon, Infineon will be denied a license. TATE HAS STATES SO PUBLICALLY! Infineon has untill DEC 22 to think about it (That's how fast things happen outside the US). If Infineon folds (or loses in court), Hyundai will settle IMMEDIATELY IMHO.

This will leave poor MU alone and stranded. Yes MU could take it to court in the US at the risk of losing their entire business. Would they have the balls? HELL NO IMHO.

RMBS is playing LEGAL hardball BRIALLIANTLY. QCOM should take a lesson from Tate and company on this.

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