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Subject:  End of My Weekly Columns Date:  10/15/2000  2:55 AM
Author:  MoeBruin Number:  19659 of 33977

For those who have noticed and for those who have not, I just wanted to let you know that I have stopped writing weekly columns for the TMF Workshop area. The decision to stop writing the weekly columns was a joint decision between Ann Coleman (TMFAnnC) and myself. It was decided based on the growing knowledge inside TMF of MI and at least in my opinion the great writing of TMFSynchroncity that excellent columns could be written without me doing the writing.

For those who don't remember, I started writing columns last year because I felt there was a void in the columns and that in particular there was a need for someone to write articles explaining the latest developments and how all the screens worked in away that new investors would understand. Over the past 15 months, I was able to meet my goal of explaining both how the screens work and how I look at the market in my columns. Over the last few months, I have found myself with less and less to say while interests outside of the MI world have made it harder and harder to keep up with a column. Because of this and the evolvement of MI, I felt and TMF agreed that it was a good time to stop my regular writing. We also both agreed that if from time to time I will write a special column if merited.

I want to thank the TMF and especially Ann Coleman for giving me the opportunity to write. I also want to thank Ann for her great editing. Believe me only Ann and I know how truely great her editing is and I really appreciate it.

Finally, I'm not going away. I currently plan on working within the MI world on special projects where I think I can enhance the learning experience for those doing MI investing. I am working with Ann now on one project that will hopefully be unveiled shortly.

Also a change in computers made me miss my last update to the Real Money Ports but that will still be appearing on the boards as will I. Finally at some point I would like to write something for Soapbox, however, outside interests keep postponing that project.

I want to end by thanking all the people who read my column, who supported me and who wrote e-mails and messages to the boards.

PS Sorry for the long, unedited message but I had been stalling long enough.
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