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Subject:  Re: S2000 Date:  11/8/2000  3:26 PM
Author:  absmith Number:  1043 of 11912


I've really liked it quite a bit and I've spent a lot of seat time in my '97 (not an SH).

Highs Points:

- Honda reliability. Not a single problem of any kind. (there was a recall on the '97's to replace lower ball joints that "may prematurely fail," however, I drive the s*** out of mine and had no problems).

- VTEC. Honda's acronym for variable valve timing. Above 5500 rpm the valves open longer and the fun begins. It's almost as if a turbo were kicking in. Loads of fun. I live near mountains with some truly amazing driving roads and when you keep the revs up through the twisties, the power is outstanding. I've been able to reasonably keep up with Japanese crotch-rockets through the turns, really!

- Handling. Pretty sharp, even with the standard Bridgestones RE82 Potenzas. For a front drive car, the balance is great. It will switch to oversteer when you really start cooking. See my previous post about tires as I've needed new ones after 30K (did I mention I drive the s*** out of this car).

-Braking. Not the best but pretty good. Actually strongest from speed. I've never thought I was going to run out of stopping power but it isn't no Porsche.

-Sound System. I love it. It's a feedback type where it limits the volume based on distortion, but what you wind up with is really loud and really clear. I'd keep this car forever for the stereo alone. I added the optional cassette player and it's good too.

-Shifter. Damn nice. I'm assuming you're going for the 5 speed, otherwise we really have nothing to discuss. : )

-Mileage. low 30's on the Interstate.


-Mileage. Low 20's if you stay in the VTEC zone.

-Torque. Around town, low-end is pretty poor. You've got to cook it up pretty hot for a fast launch. The short gearing makes up for some of this though.

That's my impression. Hope it helps. Wanna' by mine?


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