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Subject:  Re: starting out - who do I need to help? Date:  11/15/2000  10:38 AM
Author:  MVgirl Number:  2194 of 15025

I'm doing just what your husband plans. I broke off from my boss 7 yrs ago. Nicely(then) if fact he hired me for yrs. as a sub, til he stiffed me on a job.

You have decide if you need to Inc. I haven't, but it is just me. I never plan on hiring an employee, (I've done payroll for 14!) & just don't take on jobs I'd need help on. And walk away from jobs, where I'm getting "bad gut vibes" from the customer. "Gee, I'm way too back up, I don't think I can take on anymore work".

There is the leg work to do in setting up accounts. Banking, Charge, Lib. Insurances. With banking fees cheap here, I now have 5 checking accounts. 2 seperate business, a personal 25 yrs, House(Cap Gains, as I built my own)18 yrs, & now a Money Market.

I bought OuickBooks Pro, but have found out I maybe could have gotten by with just QuickBooks. You can use either as "deep" as you want. I even carry an large invintory one one business. But there is no investing area set up in there? SEP IRAs? So talk to QB person, hire to help you set it first up?

Yes, to me the hardest to get going is the deprection/amortization. First inputs, Vehile, Total worth of tools already owned, Office in Home, Storage building? Once it is in, TurboTax makes it a breeze. Hire a account at first? In both, if the people are good, they don't really "need" the work, but should be willing to getting you started & set up, especialy if you say are are comforable doing books.

Biggest thing. for business & fast word of month business. Plain common curtsies, It has all but disappeared out there. Return calls, Show up on time for meetings, be honest, about hrs if you had a "bad day", about not knowing what you are going to find on repair work. I don't give estimates/bids, Period, even on new work, as I never find the prep done to my quality (on an Island especaily, it is your name that goes on the work in the end). I'll say this is a "Totally ball park", as "I don't know what I'll find". but talk & explain in detail the whys & "what ifs". They'll catch on, or you walk.

Ask around & around, who do you use?, he can ask subs at work.

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