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Subject:  Re: starting out - who do I need to help? Date:  11/15/2000  10:57 AM
Author:  2gifts Number:  2195 of 15025

Biggest thing. for business & fast word of month business. Plain common curtsies, It has all but disappeared out there. Return calls, Show up on time for meetings,
be honest, about hrs if you had a "bad day", about not knowing what you are going to find on repair work. I don't give estimates/bids, Period, even on new work, as
I never find the prep done to my quality (on an Island especaily, it is your name that goes on the work in the end). I'll say this is a "Totally ball park", as "I don't know
what I'll find". but talk & explain in detail the whys & "what ifs". They'll catch on, or you walk.

I'm glad someone else thinks that. What we have found in our town, and in general, is that people are always complaining that the trades won't call back. I figure one of the biggest things to him being successful is to just return calls even if only to say he's too busy right now and give an approximate timeframe of when he could talk to a prospective client. From what we've seen, he should be able to make a nice business right in our own town just on small projects because most of the guys don't want to touch those.

And since we GC'd our own house and he is on the town Planning Board, he already knows most of the folks in town, so a lot of the connections have already been made. And he's a construction project manager at work, so he's got the commercial contacts also, though his intended business will be residential.

He's already done some side work for people, so now it's a matter of doing it as a full-time job. And he's got some definite work already lined up with one really good opportunity on the line that may or may not work out. But if it does, he'll be set with work for a while.

I've been dying for him to do this for years, and I've always wanted to run my own business, but we can't eat on the things I like to do, so I stay in corporate america. The good news, though, is that we have always lived on my paycheck, so the pressure of him having to make any particular amount of money is removed, and that is helping to relieve some of the stress of taking this big step.
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