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Subject:  MSFT slowdown further evidence Date:  12/16/2000  7:39 PM
Author:  Phronimosos Number:  1063 of 10887

that Greenspan must go-- the sooner, the better. One of the best managed companies in the world comments through its CFO on how fast the economy has fallen! As I had said last May on this board would occur after Greenspan raised interest rates 50 basis points.

I have written James Baker (what a remarkable man) at Shell Plaza, Houston asking that Greenspan be given the pressure that only a beauracrat can execute to get Greenspan out-- have the new Administration force him out. What Greenspan has done, starting with the bilge about "the wealth effect" is despicable, and the sooner a Lindsey or Sowell is appointed to the Fed chairmanship the better this nation will be. President Bush should appoint members (4 are up for appointment/re-appointment-- re-appoint none of them)that will invalidate/contradict/dismiss/ignore/disregard the Greenspan doctrinaire nonsensical deflationiary gold standard rubric that has caused 6 market crashes in 13 years under his tenure.


The nation does not need Greenspan, a clarinetist from Juliard and failed economics forecaster at Townsend Greenspan-- when I was in the business. I remember Greenspan well, and what one of his ex-employees told me back in 1987-- Greenspan was the cruelest man he has known.

Sue me Alan.

Sirius has a remarkable Ground Operation Control Center at McGraw Hill plaza in New York City. Had the opportunity with my son to see it yesterday. Amazing.

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