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Subject:  Guide to Paying for College Date:  12/19/2000  8:11 PM
Author:  EdmundRoss Number:  3224 of 8558

Dear Fellow Fools,

I am writing to give you all a Christmas present.

I recently wrote a guide on how to finance a college education. It took a lot of hard work, and some creativity (I even visited a military recruiter), but the result was a document I was truly proud of. Drawing from my recent experience as a college student (my own family lost thousands of dollars due to not understanding the financial aid system and otherwise being unprepared), I felt sure that my report would be
helpful to a lot of people. I put it on, with visions of selling hundreds of copies.

But reality quickly set in. Hardly anyone even seemed to notice my guide on, much less actually buy it. When you counted the listing fees, I was barely breaking even. (This is not a criticism of; there are many authors who have been very successful at selling their reports there. For me personally, though, I didn't seem to have the marketing skills to make it happen.) Meanwhile, I noticed on
this message board that a number of people were posting questions that are answered in detail by my report. It was such a shame that there was a resource available to answer these questions, but nobody was benefiting
from it.

Thus, I have given up my dreams of striking it rich by selling my college financing guide. I still want people to read it though, so I am giving it away. It is available at The
title is "Financial Planning for College" and it is geared towards people whose children have not attended college yet (the younger the child, the better). You are welcome to download it and share it with friends or
family members who might be interested in such a guide.

There is no catch. I am not trying to sell anything. I have already removed the report from, so you can't buy it even if you wanted to. I just hate to see all the work I put into this report go to waste, when so many people could potentially benefit from it.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

-- Edmund Ross
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