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Subject:  Re: New Commercial I've been hearing Date:  1/2/2001  11:52 AM
Author:  Ciscokidnmemphis Number:  623 of 1260

There has been a new commercial I've been hearing on the radio lately that just has been ticking me off to no end. It's for some place called Financial Freedom or something like that. The couple (who are not actors according to the commercial) refuse to file bankruptcy. The woman won't accept the shame that goes with it. ARGH!!!!!

Yeah. I've seen them, and another couple of commercials of similar companies as well. Some thoughts:

- Yes, if your debt can be managed by one of those non-profits and one can avoid the BK route, they are fine. Lot's of uninformed people I met at my BK hearings with cases that sounded like an organization such as CCCS or "Financial Freedom" (or whatever their name is) could've helped. BK should really be the last stop.

- Too bad they use the "shame" excuse, maintaining your credit rating sounds like good enough reason to me instead of overly dramatizing the BK stigma. (I guess we rank one step below "the stuff in the back of the fridge" for these advertising people.

- Yes, the attitude is that BK is the pits (Let's not kid ourselves, it really is) however, those commercials are light years away compared to the cheap BK lawyers running their commercials during the morning talk shows, where no concern is given but "quick relief" is offered. In a sense, not even the BK lawyers themselves address the issue of what BK can provide (good and bad) in any of their commercials.

- Also, one more note, services such as Financial Freedom or CCCS help people with balloning "Unsecured" debt (CC, personal loans, etc...) Other stuff like 2nd mortgages, car/furniture loans or Student loans are not what they can assist people with. I know because I tried going to these places but because of my specific debts they declined to help me.

Anyway, happy new year to everyone!!! These holidays were "money-managed" a whole lot better and they were good. 24 months to go to pay my entire debt, I will try to speed it up.

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