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Subject:  Still figuring this board out. Date:  1/30/2001  8:14 PM
Author:  1HappyFool Number:  62 of 381

I've read all the posts so far and I seem to be missing something. I'm not seeing how this board will be anything that the REHP board isn't, except more restrictive. Maybe that's the point, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If I understand correctly, the focus of this board is to focus on how to achieve your ER dreams while the REHP board is more broadly focused on just about anything related to ER. Do I have this right?

If I'm right about the intent of this board, I don't see how it will be any easier to keep it from going OT than the REHP board, but I would suggest we all reach consensus early on things not to discuss and then post that list in a FAQ or something. For example, if discussing politics is a no-no (even when the political topic touches on the subject of ER), then we might want to put that on a list and refer people to that list when they get into a political discussion. If somebody starts to get too deep into 72(t) SEPPs, then they can be referred over to the REHP board. Of course this is just my $.02, but if the REHP was too general, then I think this board will need some more guidance on how to be appropriately restrictive.

I've seen lots of boards ruined by being overrun by hot button topics such as religion, politics, the meat eaters vs. the vegans and a whole host of other us vs. them conflicts. Perhaps this board can have recognized Problem Post categories that could be triggered so The Fool can help with some of the filtering.

If I can be permitted to make some suggestions, these are a few of the things I would consider inappropriate for a board focused on how to achieve ER dreams.

1. Politics. (refer to Political Asylum)
2. Indepth mathematical analysis of ER. (refer to REHP)
3. Tax law and tax policy. (refer to REHP)
4. Bragging about investment strategies. (Refer to Bears vs. Bulls)
5. Personal stock lists. (who cares?)
6. Discussing corporate mentality.

One last thing, all the references to the Tropics and opening bars gave me the impression that one such as myself who has no interest in the Tropics or the headaches of owning a bar would not be welcome here. I hope this is not the case. I'm no parrothead (I'm closer to being a deadhead (no Al Gore comments please)), but I do like Jimmy's music and I have blown out a flipflop by stepping on a poptop. :-)

I have acheived my ER dream and if the responses to this post show sufficient tolerance for people who normally won't go below 35 degrees North latitiude, I'll share my secrets.


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