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Subject:  Pulling the trigger Date:  2/2/2001  9:06 AM
Author:  dirkn Number:  118 of 381

Like I said before, I've been thinking of retirement since I started working. It has always been something that is far in the future. It is still probably 5 –10 years off. But, as I get a bit closer and it becomes more “real” I begin to wonder...

Quitting the security of a decent paying job just seems, I don't know, un-American! Aren't we supposed to toil and put off our own desires until we are too old to do anything else? Isn't that the way life is in our society? Who am I to presume that I should be able to just go sit on a beach or fish in a mountain stream just because I feel like it? What makes ME so special?

As a child, I grew up with the message from my parents that you needed to produce something or you weren't really doing your duty to society. Professional sports players and entertainers were thought to be the worst of the non-producers. They got millions of dollars for producing nothing of value. An honorable career was to be a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a plumber or a carpenter. Be someone who helps others or who creates or produces something, I was told.

So, even though my happily retired father would tell me it's Ok to do whatever I want, I sometimes still struggle with that lesson I learned as a child.

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