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Subject:  Re: farmer wannabe Date:  2/4/2001  5:29 PM
Author:  wycowboy2 Number:  136 of 381

Well don't grow things that everybody else is a growing. Ya know if ten people are growing tomatoes don't you! It's already hard enuf to sell what I got growin out back right now. Get my drift?

Get you a piece of tillable soil somewhere in the country, and a small farm tractor, cause if yer gonna move to the land, ya might as well get something useful. Leave the greenhouse for winter, when ya can't break ground, unless o'course ya lives in South Florida or South Texas, where it hardly ever gets colder than 32.

I read all about them folks growing tropical plants in the greenhouse and how much money "they claimed they made". What they didn't tell you was how many years it took to develop a marketing plan and actually put into use. And, how long it took for someone to actually take notice of how different their plants were (hardy) compared to the $1.99 ones at Wally World.

Texas and Florida are full of big greenhouse operations that spend all their time and efforts to provide the Wally Worlds and Home Depots with plants.

We're gonna get lucky this year...We hear the big CA tomato greenhouse operators want to set up shop in Southern Wyoming. Why? Because we have all those phosphate pits full of Jim Bridger Powerhouse hot water, that they can use in their hydroponic operations. Good for Wyoming and good for the operators.

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