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Subject:  Re: What Am I Worth To The Fool? Date:  2/13/2001  2:43 PM
Author:  slaramee Number:  9279 of 27873

Jorg wrote,
...You´re right, the Fool gets money for every page view. So the figure is about correct...

While we're tallying what we're worth, add someone who had paid for four seminars (avg cost $50- must be pretty high profit margin, low overhead) and gotten a fifth free for opening a brokerage account, which I'm sure is a also a revenue generator.

I am sure the responders to this thread and others who post regularly on TMF and buy their products are not the revenue generating problem for TMF. It's the countless millions of community members that never issue their support financially. But the real qustion here is - should these community members have to buy something from a supposedly FREE financial information site?

I personally don't think so. I have bought products and services that I thought were worth it and have been pretty pleased with them. But I did not buy anything here until I felt like I knew that I could be assured of paying for something of good quality worth paying for. I am sure that a member "off the street" is not going to buy anything right off the bat, either.

Now, I might consider paying some sort of fee structure for the general community services here (community, financial info) However, I probably would not have in my first few months here.

Perhaps one revenue generation idea might be a preferred subscription model- entry level info is all free including some community services (not very different from today), and additional in-depth information and communities are fee-based. TMF already does this with their research reports. I am sure it could be done with some pay-for "TMF research" message boards on a trial basis to see if the community would support it. Use of these message boards might be included with paid subcription to the research reports themselves, or perhaps paid for separately by community members who do not wish to purchase the reports but want to discuss the issues in more depth than on the free boards.

Before you shun the idea of paying for some boards, recognize that in spite of the 25 million visitors here, the company is still in financial distress enough to lay off 1/3 of the workforce. It is entirely possible that if some additional revenue generators are not found soon, more "restructuring" or actual service closures may result. And I'm talking about more than the Soapbox closure. Remember, some people already pay for financial services elsewhere (e.g., IBD).

I am not saying active members are the problem AT ALL here, just that active members may be able to be part of the solution as stakeholders who would benefit most from the success of TMF.

Just one opinion in the masses.
-slaramee (Scott)

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