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Subject:  Re: a Buffett-style play Date:  2/13/2001  3:30 PM
Author:  jmls Number:  9280 of 27875

Dear Boffo,

Your point is fair. For that matter, one of my faves, Selena, seems to get much less attacking than many other TMFers, in part because of what you say (she is a fairly regular contributor). And heck, she's awful friendly :)

I guess though that I think the attacks are out of proportion to any missteps IMHO. I'm a newbie here, so I can't really comment about attacks of TMFers in this community. But one recent roasting came when Cheeze walked into the Berkshire board and asked for input on an upcoming Dueling Fool. It is true that many folks there don't care about the Dueling Fools; but I think that Cheeze honestly just wanted input from knowledgeable folks there, not necessarily wanting people to drop what they care about. Mycroft doesn't show his face on that board because he will be attacked if he does. He is exuberant, yes; and he changes his mind sometimes. He probably deserves some criticism! But again, he seems to be a gentleman (at least to me), IMHO he is getting an unfair rap in some places.

I never thought that I'd become a Fool apologist! I definitely wish that some of the more prominent writers (e.g. Verve) would stop by the boards and say "hi" sometimes. However I think that some of the guys are really trying...

Lleweilun Smith
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