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Subject:  Re: Robert Frost Discussion Date:  2/26/2001  1:58 PM
Author:  1FingerWilly Number:  192 of 3398

Was there some sort of fued between Frost and Carl Sandburg?

There is something about that. I can't remember the details. I'll look.

I would say that my interpretation is that his mowing the field is a labor of love rather than one of compensation.Just the solitude and sun on his face is compensation enough.

I would agree its a labor of love. Certainly not a financial issue. I think you are also right about the other part, but I would add to it. I don't know that just the solitude and sun and nature in general by themselves are compensation enough. Certainly they are a big part of it. That is part of the experience that seems essential. But to me it is the knowledge that work (hard work) is being done that also serves as compensation. Work is hard and that is a truth. Understanding that truth and accepting it and producing good work is thus rewarding.

How exquisite - every word is expressive, pure.

Yeah, Frost does a great job with word choice in this poem. It has a very dreamy, smooth, "whispery" feel to it.

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