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Subject:  Question about computer jobs... Date:  3/1/2001  7:34 PM
Author:  Gray3 Number:  159559 of 284094

I'm trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. Actually, I'm 29 years old and am about to make a career change kind of late in the game. I'm going to go back to college and get a second major in CIS. I don't know if this is the best plan, but I figure it's a least a good start if I want to be an IT/IS Professional.

My question involves what kind of computer professional to I want to be. The school I'm going to offers 3 main CIS disciplines to study, and I'm trying to decide between 2 of those: either Programming or Network Engineering. One of my friends drew an analogy beteen this and the building of houses. He said a house architect would be like a Programmer and the Land Developer would be like the Network Engineer. Then he said, neither is better than the other, but that they are quite different and so the decision in choosing one over the other is important. I need help deciding whether to be a Programmer or a Network guy.

To help me to decide what major I should concentrate on, and ultimately what career path I will take, could any of you give me some guidance as to which major to go into? I'm not sure which I would enjoy doing more, but I think I could decide which I would enjoy more if I knew more about the differences between Programming and Networking. For instance, what kind of person does well in Programming and Networking, which kind of person doesn't do so well. Job prospects for each discipline, chances of gettting Entry-Level jobs for each discipline, that sort of thing. Which one is harder?

Thank you for any help you can offer. I'm going to post this message on different boards to better my chances of getting replies.
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