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Subject:  Re: Ordinary People...Extraordinary Wealth Date:  3/3/2001  12:18 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  52 of 220

They tend to make a big deal about the supportive spouse, and how the family finances etc are a team effort for most PAW's. I don't see how you can then turn around and say the average millionaire is a male, married. Seems to me, if it was a team effort, the average millionaire is a couple. "

Perhaps you should get yourself a copy of Stanley's book in paperback at the second hand book store for a few bucks... the explanation is there...then again,the feminists are probably already after his tail, especially if they haven't read up to page 8 of his book.

for clarification, page 8 of TMND


Our profile of the typical millionaire is based upon studies of millionaire households, not individuals. It is, therefore, impossible in most cases to say wit hcertainty whether our typical millionaire is a he or a she Nevertheless, because 95% of millionaire households are composed of married couples, and because in 70% of these cases,the male head of the household contributes at least 80% of the income, we will usually refer to the typical American millionaire as 'he' in this book.


Since the English language fails to have a word halfway between he and she, other than it, and most people don't like being referred to as it, I'm sorry if Stanley's note didn't make it into your knowledge sphere. Take it up with him and the feminists.

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