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Subject:  Re: LT investors, think before you short Date:  3/17/2001  1:38 AM
Author:  XXLTINVESTOR Number:  7741 of 44633

Gator 8387
I respect your opinion, and thank you for your similar thought in your 1st paragraph.

I am sorry I did not properly convey the point about shorting and being a professional. I meant that now, after 3000 NASDAQ points down, this Clinton/Gore bear market is either close to a violent conclusion, or gasoline is going go below $1.00 before long from lack of demand. And if someone, no matter how capable were to start to short stocks now, and they were not a professional trader, then they could be making either a mistake or get lucky which is, in and of itself, also a mistake - it just happened to turn out profitable this time.

In non-violent conclusionary times during choppy or bear markets, anyone can go short big stocks. It is now that I addressed. And, I hope that it is of value to those who are either following the herd recently, shorting, when such is not the best act at this time, unless one is a profesional or are being advised to by their broker(s).

Where we may have a polite difference of opinion is the matter of a long term investor being essentially passive, and therefore, unable to short. Especially when short against the box is the best protection tool a LT investor has during choppy or bear markets.

Personally both naked and vs the box shorts are used. Tried to do hedging years ago and found out that in bull markets it's like water skiing while draging an anchor -- no matter how powerful the engine, it reduces the benefits of going forward. So, I concluded that hedging is also for choppy and bear markets, but that is a personal opinion.
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