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Subject:  Re: Ordinary People...Extraordinary Wealth Date:  3/19/2001  9:48 AM
Author:  CassandraP Number:  128 of 220

Enjoyed your book. I want discuss the comment " stingy and not enjoying you life now so you'll have money later".

I've never written a book...but thanks anyway.

Just for your information, I am 30, married, have 3 children ages 11, 8, and 5. I work full time...just started back after over 10 years at home. I make just under 40k per year. My husband is a self-employed painter. We are not rich by any means, but the bills are always paid.

I choose to invest most of my income, (after paying $550/month in daycare, 500/month groceries, $160/month for health ins. and various other expenses for my children...) Everything else is invested. I contribute to my 401k, and Have an investment account for myself/spouse and one for my oldest child...the other two will be getting theirs soon.

We live well below our means, but are still able to live well. I do not wash out baggies. I am by no means stingy. I think that you are kidding yourself if you think you are going to live any better when you are older because you saved all your money now. Your beneficiaries will live very well...

My point is only to enjoy your life NOW. Travel NOW if you can. How do you even know you will live to the age of retirement???? I'm not saying to get into a bunch of debt to support a lifestyle you can't afford, but at least have a lifestyle!!!! If you work hard and have made a good life for yourself, enjoy that is only worth what you can buy with it.

I think some people get into the trap of "collecting money" I collect memories. I will make sure we are not eating cat food when we are 80, but I won't eat cat food NOW to insure that....
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