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Subject:  Re: TCM vs. GX discussion continues Date:  3/28/2001  2:42 PM
Author:  phatsack420 Number:  70 of 136

Hey Nicolai, just visiting from the GX board and no we don't hate you. I always welcome contrary opinions to whichever holdings I own, it sure beats the cheerleader rah-rah stuff and makes me rethink why I have invested in a particular company. Anyways your analysis forgot something~

Just one comment: SHOW ME THE MONEY!
I think you are forgetting one small detail Nicolai-GX selling their LEC to Citizens communication for $3.65 Billion CASH!!
Theres your $, our network will be completed within a year. When will TYCOMs be? Not to mention the contracts we have with EXDS filling our pipes. Don't forget to include that when judging the Frontier deal, not to mention some of the network we picked up. Brilliant. Not to mention we can easily double capacity on our AC1, where others need to lay a cable. Plans include to lay another cable across the atlantic. We have out network built, but I think GX will always be expanding. I have great faith in Winnicks business acumen.

Oh yeah, GX reitterated guidance for cash revenues in 2001 between $7.1-7.3 billion

Can you say first mover?

I also think a down economy will help GX beleive it or not. Williams, Level 3, et all will be very cash strapped and have a difficult time completing their networks anytime soon. Interest rate cuts will help GX with their debts. GX will be the onestop bandwith provider while others struggle to complete their networks, leaving us around to collect gobs of $. Cha-Ching

Regardless, eventually TYM will have their network, Williams, WCOM, Level3, it wont matter. Bandwith demand is gonna keep going up expotentially. IMHO there will be never be a glut, by the time we reach that there will be technologys that guzzle bandwith.

Fool On,

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