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Subject:  Re: Help with uninstalling Linux Date:  4/11/2001  7:46 PM
Author:  jiml8 Number:  1165 of 6702

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Author: tobarstep
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Subject: Re: Help with uninstalling Linux
My video is built in, but is a SiS 530, which Linux supports. The problem is that there are verticle static lines running
through my screen. I tried many different combinations for my resolution/display size/video card and could not get rid
of the lines. My printer, Canon BJC 6000, which should also be supported through CUPS. The problem here is that I
can't get it to print anything. My NIC is a CNet card, which Linux keeps incorrectly identifying as some other brand,
but when I try to change it, it says there is no network card detected. Probably some problem with Plug-n-Play.

Curiously enough, I am at this moment stalling on my next job, which is debugging that %$#&^ NT box with the built in SiS 620 that has a corrupted video driver, won't boot, and won't repair (SCSI HD and for some reason the Windows repair doesn't find it...gotta dig deeper into the ol' bag of tricks...) I haven't tried Linux on that box so I have no opinion or help for you on that one. Ditto the printer; I actually haven't tried to configure one here yet.

However, I might be able to help with the NIC, having just gone through it. I have an ultra-cheap ISA NIC in this machine. It does not PnP, and pnpdump did not/does not find it. The solution was to make sure that the IRQ and the IO address is properly specified for it. It is an NE2000 compatible, and the ne driver did it. I had a bit of trouble because I kept expecting the system to find it. But, when I set the IRQ and the IO in /etc/modules.conf, and told it what driver to use we were off to the races.
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