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Subject:  Internal CBS Radio Feud Date:  4/18/2001  6:46 AM
Author:  BullnAChinaShop Number:  132 of 312

Anybody know any facts about the feud between 2 of the New York radio stations owned by CBS Radio? I have only heard part of the story but apparently the station Howard Stern is on is sabotaging another station.

It is pretty well known that Howard whines about anybody else in talk radio, claiming everyone imitates him. He has apparently been whining to management about a show called the Opie and Anthony Show (Station 102.7) for a couple of years because they are a huge threat. He reportedly has been instrumental in keeping them from becoming syndicated. Now his it sounds like his station manager or somebody is sort of blackmailing musical acts by telling them that if they go in the Opie and Anthony Show that they won't be allowed on K Rock and their music won't be played there.

The reason I am posting a question here is because I would think stock holders would be irate at the apparent management issues here. If a hugely popular show with a key demographic is being supressed (and to the point of not being syndicated) isn't that likely hurting the stock holders?
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