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Subject:  Re: Internal CBS Radio Feud Date:  4/23/2001  9:13 AM
Author:  BullnAChinaShop Number:  134 of 312

I've been listening to Stern since he was first sydicated into Philly back in the late 80's and the entire time he's been bitching about Imus who was also worked for Mel at Infinity. Howard is Howard, the funniest guy on radio, why would I be upset?

I personally don't find either Imus or Stern funny at all. Especially Stern. I used to listen to him but stopped several years ago when it was apperent he had run out of ideas. He basically rotates the same old tired bits he has been rotating through his show for years.

- Pick a staff member and spend an hour or two talking about how dumb they are.
- Bring in a slut wanna be and try to show how dumb they are for an hour or two.
- Bring on somebody from the street and make fun of them for a couple of hours.
- Bring on one of the characters he has developed (the unfortunate people with stutters or physical abnormalities) and make fun of them for an hour or 2.
- Insert the news a few times a show and have the giggling puppet Robin to talk about it and try to make everyone in the stories look like they are really dumb.
- etc. etc.

That aside, I was asking the question from the point of view of a stock holder. Why would a stock holder care if Stern or anyone else was funny? They should care about profits. If Stern or anyone else is decreasing profits because of a silly spat then the stockholders should be asking questions about why the management allows it.
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