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Subject:  FAQ Version 1.0 Date:  4/29/2001  4:58 PM
Author:  acejustice Number:  2 of 1112


Hello and welcome to The Cambridge Group! This is a board where we will have intelligent discussions about imporant ideas and events pertaining to the world economy, world politics, or something important to all. Either that or something else interesting. If it is WAY too off topic then please mark it " - o.t." This is a board to share information and get information. Keep in mind that real class means treating other people with consistent respect and kindness, not just owning a few hot stocks or sporting a rec to post ratio of 10 to 1. Remember the mission: I also ask that you lay off too much recommending posts. Please only recommend it if you find it valuable. Thanks!


1. What's this forum for again?
2. Should I rec' it up?
3. Statement of Original Intent

What's this forum for again?

To share knowledge about events and ideas important to making our world a better place.

Should I rec' it up?

Please don't do like they do on the Gimme My Rec's board and recommend everybody's post. You are entitled to do so, but that confuses those who want to read the most informative posts. There may be flaws with this system, yes, but I ask that we please use it.

Statement of original Intent

This forum is for educational and informational purposes dealing with global and national issues of importance or otherwise of individual companies that impact such things.

Questions, suggestions, comments?

If you have suggestions on how to improve on this F.A.Q., then please send me an email.

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