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Subject:  Age Predictions Date:  4/30/2001  7:37 AM
Author:  CrazyLegsPat Number:  1017 of 2401

By a study of various characteristics and little facts along the way, I will now attempt to predict your ages within 5 years:

Ladies first....

Amy: Young enough to have small children - apparent schooling before children - redoing the schooling thing - old enough to write meticulously = 32

Cats: Grown children - experienced artist - wide range of knowledge that comes with maturity = 47

Oblood: saw picture - too mature to be a youngster - Fools wouldn't hire no 25 year old = 42

DJ: Has a daughter young enough to know that 20 lb. Yorkies are cool - but is old enough to get pissed off about Giant Pants = 34

jimmy4: = 4 years old. No, really - old enough to own a business after working elsewhere for several years - does the "boating" thing - has been around the block = 36

Dan: Tough call here - youthful energy - not old enough to hate anybody...yet = 28

OOLFAY: Sophisticated enough to make a living on eBay (is that right?) - seemingly mature businessman - still young enough to have the energy to run a gazillion auctions = 38

Cheeze: Saw picture - no grey hair - could be Grecian, though = 32

CLP: Writes like a 16 year old that never grew up - thinks Short Bus Kid jokes are funny - gets a huge kick out of roller-blading = unfortunately, 40

These are stab-in-the-dark estimates, and are not meant to be insulting in any way, okay? Just always wondered what you folks looked like, and how old you were. That's all.


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