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Subject:  Re: Missile Shield Date:  5/15/2001  7:42 AM
Author:  beckyz51 Number:  68 of 1115

Yes, privatizing any advances made in technology always produces economic growth.

What worries me is the solemn tone. They obviously know something is up. Someone may be very near the point they could
blackmail the US for several billion or else they blow up Cleveland.

Maybe that's a bad example, but anyway, if they take out Houston or some city, that's gonna set us back a lot more than 30

Have you noticed that the solemn tone began when Bush and his 'Cold War'
Appointees got in office. It's called Propoganda--used often in this
free country. Even more with Corporate ownership of the Media. They are all pulling for their Weapon Making buddies. They need us powerful to protect their business' in other countries. Not worrying about what China, etc. think is foolishness. The whole world hates us and for good reason. Read up on the World Bank, IMF and WTO. And keep reading until
you find out the hardships third world have faced with their rules and regs for the honor of borrowing their money. Why did the Asian Markets
collapse? Read. We forced them to open their banks and lose all protections they had to keep everyone from pulling out at once. Just one small thing of many.
And who runs these institutions? Gosh, they are all in Washington,D.C.
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