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Subject:  Re: Exposing the Racist Left Date:  5/15/2001  9:25 PM
Author:  JEDIKNIGHT Number:  73 of 1115


I went back, and re-read my post(#34), to see if I wrote anything so evil, just to be honest to myself. I did not find a thing.

In fact, the only reference I made to race, was on the issue of school vouchers.

*I stated that Liberals hide behind the skirts of the teacher's unions on this issue. That is FACT. Yes, Repubs have their own intrest groups, I wont deny it. The point is, I stated a fact.

*I stated, that IF parents had vouchers to send their kids to a private schools, many of the inner city youth would benefit. Yes, alot of blacks would benefit. I did NOT say anything derogatory. Im no urban expert at all, but it is FACT that kids would benefit in a private OR better public school. FACT.

On the Fatherhood issue, I did not single out any one group. It effects AMERICANS.

*33% of our babies are born to single moms. FACT

*I wrote that bad things happen to good people. FACT

*I wrote that our Liberal "activists" and pop culture, is glorifying this culture. FACT. (No mention of any race). Think of how many hit shows, promote the idea of a woman giving Lewinsky's in the hope of finding Mr Right??? Try HBO's "Sex and the City." Look at alot of our popular music today. go to your local mall, and count these young girls, with babies. Again...FACT.

I also wrote that Liberals loose a Constituent, each time someone gets off public assistance. FACT.

*How many election cycles, have Liberals threatned people of loosing benefit. Think back. "Killing seniors" "Taking kids school lunches". Those were focus group tested phrases. They give someone a benefit, and every 4 years threaten to take it away. FACT. Again, im not talking about fine folks down on their luck. Im talking about folks who are there for years ans years, they exist. Clinton AND Moynihan, DEMOCRATS, admit this also. FACT.

Becky, I have never wished to be black. That answers your question. I do not wish to be white either. My folks are immigrants from another country, but I am happy being AMERICAN. I do not beleive in hyphenated Americanism. "African American" "irish AMerican", needs to be replaced by "American". A group of folks from diverse places, enjoying a common culture. (See..melting pot)

Becky, personally, I enjoy your posts. You wont beleive what im about to tell you: 99% of time, I side with Conservatives. However, i think you and I might agree on some key issues:

*WTO, NAFTA, GATT, IMF. I 100% am proud to stand with the likes of Perot, Nader, and others on these issues. Another one, is Corporate sponsorship of the Presidential debates. That is sick to me.

I feel these global deals have sold out our industrial base to other Countries. On WTO for China, I think that will complete our failure on the world scene, and ensure the balance of power in the World changing against us, if it hasnt already.

The naive part of me wishes, that folks like us, and Americans in general, could debate these issues without slanderring each other. I wish we could find common ground on things, and see where we are apart.

*oink oink*


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