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Subject:  Re: Issues answered--long Date:  5/17/2001  11:09 PM
Author:  khalou Number:  88 of 1116

Bi-polar disorder can be triggered by stress, but it's there or not.

Otherwise, that was an excellent post!

I don't agree wholeheartedly with everything you said, I'm a Libertarian. (sorry :o) )

But the experiences you've had have developed a well rounded sense of what's right- and your courage has pushed you to say so.



The government isn't the answer. That's been shown time and time again. How fun was it to deal with bi-polarism through government agencies?

One social worker with 150 clients?

That's because the billions spent on that particular aspect of government has to support an inordinate amount of bureaucracy. Don't get me wrong, Social Workers, IMHO are absolute ANGELS! They don't make NEAR enough. Some day, perhaps, some on this board will require their services and understand what I mean. Remember- It could happen to anyone. They should be the first people you call. They know EVERYTHING and will go to the wall within reason to help.

Rich, Poor, it doesn't matter. Whenever you get into a situation where someone needs treatment against their will (bi-polar people usually don't know it, nor will they submit to examination) Social workers are the first people you should call.

Side note: If you go to your local family court division and set up a court date for conservatorship, the individual will be notified by mail. They will either show up (unlikely with bi-polarism) or will forfeit to you the legal desicion for treatment. The police will then take them kicking and screaming to the local emergency mental facility. Not fun, but, as they say, love conquers all!

Becky- you seem like a wonderful person who has been through a lot and come out the other side still confident in your resolve that people are worth caring about.

I believe JEDIKNIGHT is the same.

You are both right that too much money isn't going to the right places. The Dems seem to want the FED to put it toward the poor. The REPS seem to want the FED to put it toward economic boosting of the well off.

Guess what?

If the FED kept their hands OFF it, there would be more LOCAL money to put to LOCAL issues! How much does a Federal Department of Education cost?? All we want is money to the schools! LETS GIVE IT TO THEM!

How much does it cost to support abortion from the FEDERAL level? How much would it cost without all that bureaucracy to support?? Local money for local clinics!


The FEDERAL government promised to do these things;

We the people of the United States of America, in order to create a more perfect Union, Establish Justice (federal courts), Insure the domestic tranquility (cops and laws), provide for the common defence (military and state dept.), promote the general welfare (PROMOTE! Not provide for, establish, or insure!), and insure the blessings of Liberty (uphold the constitution) to ourselves and our posterity (us), do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

As for all other problems, we would all get along a lot better if they were handled locally with State taxes.

Thank you for your patience.


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