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Subject:  Re: Interest rate happy dances Date:  5/20/2001  12:38 PM
Author:  TMF2Aruba Number:  71715 of 312858

Okay, I have half a happy dance and a full happy dance.

The interest rate on my "Bloodsucking Leech" Chase Visa card dropped from 22.9% to 17.9% for being paid on-time every month for six months. I don't carry a balance on it, which is why it's only half-happy, *heh*.

The interest rate on our line of credit dropped from 13.75% to 11.75% with all the Prime Rate cuts. It actually took effect in March, but, I didn't notice till tonight (I don't have much call for checking that screen in the online banking). This is particularly happy, because it's last in line for the snowball and it'll prolly drop again next "quarter"...which is almost as good as playing the BT game without the negatives. Plus, when we get the present card paid off, we'll be in a better position to *really* BT the line of credit and get a good rate. Oh, also, they didn't drop our minimum payment which means more goes to principle, so, we're paying *both* revolving accounts off faster without any actual change in what we pay!

Hi Gwen!

You're right! Lowered interest rates are a big reason for a Happy Dance, as the lower the interest, the more you save, and the faster those cards get paid off.

Congratulations, and keep at it! :-)

...but I still am...

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