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Subject:  Re: Credit Card Blues Date:  5/20/2001  12:46 PM
Author:  TMF2Aruba Number:  71717 of 312650

Hi Everyone!
Every time I get in a jam or something happens where I start backsliding with my family's debt, I think of all of you who post here and all the accomplishments you've made. It has been such an inspiration! Though my husband and I are making progress we still have $8300 in CC debt. I sometimes get down on myself when I can't always pay as much as I hope to on our credit cards. Yesterday when we tried to register our car, we failed inspection and I took it to be repaired. It turned out to be $730 in repair costs to get it go through inspection. OUCH! That hurt, especially when I think that we could have put that toward our payments. This is about the fifth such expense (not only for our car but other items as well) that has happened in the last three months. How depressing! Every time I read this board my sense of resolve is strengthened to pay the debt down. My whole concept of living within our means has changed now. We haven't charged anything on our credit cards since January!! That is an accomplishment all its own. We haven't used the cards and we have paid down the debt $5200 since December. I feel that this is an accomplishment since we live on only one income (quite modest income I might say). Our expected debt free date is 3/02 (I am praying anyway). I just wanted to say thank you to all of you -- this board has opened my eyes to our debt and has helped me to get through the tougher times without losing my focus, or my mind.

Hi Swog!

Don't let yourself get depressed, you're doing a tremendous job as it is.

First of all, $8300 isn't that much debt in the big picture, and you'll be surprised at how fast that dwindles down. Before you know it, it'll be in the 7's, then 6's, then below 5,000. Just be patient, you'll get there, and I'm certain of it.

Why am I certain? Because it's obvious that you are being very Foolish in the way you're managing your finances. You've already paid off $5200 in 5 months (AMAZING!!) and you're not using the cards anymore (Outstanding!!!). You've got what it takes, Swog. Just keep believing in your plans and goals.

As far as the setbacks, those are just a part of life, and it happens to all of us. Expenses with the car, the roof, a plumbing's all going to happen, and all it means is that it'll just take a bit longer to reach that goal. In the big scheme, it matters little. ;-)

Keep up the great work, Swog, and keep us posted as you go. We're all here cheering you on!

...but I still am...

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