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Subject:  Re: CCCS/CC management question Date:  5/20/2001  1:23 PM
Author:  rodneyd Number:  71720 of 312777

I would make the appointment with the counselor and have them update you on the accounts the next chance you get. If there are some problems, make sure they address them i.e. deposit amount. If the money order thing is inconvenient, ask if they they have auto deduct available. I am sure you will get some suggestions on what you can do on your own for others here - sit down and take a look at where you are at right now. You probably did that with the counselor when you started their program. Take a look at what money is coming in right now vs. what "has" to go out each month. You can do this before you go in to review your situation with the counselor. Ask yourself what things can you change. If any of us want to make a change in our finances, we have 2 basic choices....increase income or decrease expenses. Can you do either or both? Cutting back on expenses or increasing income does not have to be permanent - just until the situation is corrected. I think alot of us tend to make budgeting and credit too complicated so we get caught.

Does it take a little work?....YES! If you can increase your payment amounts by increasing income or cutting back on expenses - you will be surprised how much faster you can pay off a creditor(s). I have seen previous posts refer to them as payment reduction plan, I just read an article that called them "power payments". You can do that through the CCCS payment to help get the accounts paid off faster. I think everyone who has had the problem (and there are alot of us) when the bills are paid off, the stress level drops and then you can focus on "paying yourself" and not the others.

Good luck!

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