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Subject:  Middle east Date:  5/20/2001  3:24 PM
Author:  khalou Number:  110 of 1116

I've got an opinion I'd like to bounce off y'all.

Since the Palestinian's goal is to make Israel Palestine and nothing short of that, then what in blinkin' blazes is the reasoning behind putting them in such close proximity to their goal except to see who would win the war?


What's Israel thinkin' in agreeing to the arrangement?

I understand the Palestinian position on the whole thing is that they were there first. Well, they weren't. It's a historical fact. I expect the Indians and the Mexicans and the French and the English could have the same argument about the US, but it don't hold water.

Possesion is what counts on the international front. (That, and the ability to hold possesion. Just ask Saddam about that one!)

If I'm a soverign nation and some group of people decide that I shouldn't be, I'm going to keep them as far away as I can. Especially if they like to play 'terrorist'. Can my police force find who is actually personally responsible for terrorist activities? Heck no. So what do I do for the people I'm sworn to protect?


It isn't the most ellegant of recourses, but there really aren't any. Whatever else happens, I've got to make sure there's no advantage in killing my people.

The media doesn't make it very clear what Palestine wants.

Jerusalem is the site of the most holiest of places to both the Jewish and Christian religions. Well, it's also the most holiest of places to the Palestinians and Jerusalem is what they want, only they call it Palestine. It's what they want- not the west bank, not Chicago, but Jerusalem- and they won't be satisfied 'till they get it.

It's a sad situation, but you can't blame Israel for doing what it's doing.

Bill Clinton picked the wrong dispute on which to hang his 'peacemaker' hat. What he did was create the most potentially violent atmosphere we've seen since Abel got parental preferrential treatment and Cain took offense!

I've read the Koran and it has more to say against the horror of doing harm to others than the Bible! So what's all this terrorism crap? If there is indeed an Allah, he's got to be more concerned (according to his teachings) about the violence his people are condoning in his name against innocent people than the ownership of some piece of real estate!

If there are any Arabs out there, I got a question.

How can it be justified to set off bombs in public places where innocent people are to further the cause of the destruction of a race of people that happen to occupy Palestine?


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