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Subject:  A question for Karmi: Why do you post? Date:  5/22/2001  7:35 PM
Author:  Topaz12 Number:  50079 of 209681

Hello all,

I've been the post with merry abandon, wishing that Apple open up a store in Houston, so that I can go work for it. :)

I've been wadding through three or four days worth of posts and every once in a while I see Karmi post something unkind and it made me wonder.

Now, Karmi, I've got to ask. Why do you post here? Do you post just to bedevil other Mac users? Do you post because you actually have something to say? You're actually trying to convince Mac users to change?

If you're trying to change minds, I'd give up now. You have a better chance of getting Bill Clinton to be a Republican than to get a Mac user to change.

If you're posting simply to annoy people, don't you have anything else to do? Is your life so empty that you have time to send nasty messages to a stock discussion board?

And, yes, your missives are nasty. You can deny it and say 'I'm just spreading the truth' but they're nasty and, news flash, Mac users are tired of being told 'the truth' as seen by a Windows user.

If you have explained why you post and I missed it, could you post it again? I'm curious. (No, that's not sarcasm, I'm geniuely curious.)

Amy D.

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