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Subject:  Everyone has money - until someone needs it... Date:  6/2/2001  4:52 PM
Author:  digrat Number:  150375 of 909613

My DH and I have always been considered the poor ones in the family. We spent the first four years of our married life in college and when we went out to dinner with friends or relatives - we either saved up, shared an entree, or didn't eat. We got teased about this a few times.

This morning I got a call from my sister's husband. There has been a lot of recent medical emergencies in their family which has drained all of their available cash and he asked if we had $1500 they could borrow for a little while. I said sure - though we like to think of these loans as gifts - because we never know when they'll get back to us. So, I stuck a check in the mail this morning.

I thought it was interesting that they called us, because, as I said earlier - we have always been considered the poor ones. Well, as I was talking to my sister's husband - it came out that we were not the first ones that they had called during this time of emergency. They had called my grandfather, who said all of his money was tied up in investments that he couldn't get to. They called my other grandfather, who told them that they should call my dad before asking him for money. They called my dad, who is in the middle of buying and selling a house. They called my "well-to-do" sister who just bought a new minivan and didn't have any extra cash around. They called my mom who volunteered $100, but said she probably couldn't scrape together anymore. I guess that we were the next candidates on this list since my other two sisters are just starting in college and in highschool, respectively.

Out of all of the well-to-do relatives we have around - we were the only ones that could and would send $1500 to help them through a hard time. At least we won't get teased by one of my sisters the next time we share an entree at dinner.
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