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Subject:  Re: Moving Past LBYM Date:  6/2/2001  5:59 PM
Author:  dengdeng Number:  150386 of 909993

I have been reading posts on the LBYM board today with interest (in the past I have mostly been looking on the Credit Card and Paying For College boards). I am a college student with one more year to go before graduation, and for the past three years I have had a tough time and a lot of anxiety attacks having to do with money. My parents paid a portion of my expensive high school tuition (I was very depressed at my local high school and this school changed my life, but at a cost), and told me that they would have very little money to help with my college. They did help the first year, and then the second year I was alone, having to take out a private loan that is rapidly accruing interest. I developed an obsession with the money, clothes, etc. I wanted but didn't have. I am going to a private college which is also changing my life, and I want to stick it out next year. But I realize reading this post that I have attached money to happiness the past few years. I have been jealous of wealthier friends. I have felt angry at my parents for not giving me the money they don't have...And now I realize that it's time to stop. I don't have money now, but I will, and start investing Foolishly when I'm out of college. I will have enough for a comfortable life, retirement, and enough to help my family and friends when they are in need. I will spend money on things I enjoy thoroughly, NOT a big house for prestige or other superficial things. I will help out my parents who have struggled to help me, my sister and brother...take my dad on a trip to Asia, cause he's never been overseas (he's 58 now).

It's so funny. I came to this website to learn how to make MORE money and pinch more pennies, but much more than that has changed reading people's stories and encouragement. I think my attitude toward money is changing...

I have to make $7000 for next year, and pay $2000 more for this year, but now I feel that I can do it. I will probably be back asking about jobs, loans, credit cards, LBMM in Seattle this summer...but I feel much happier and less desperate now.

Thanks for reading my long, cheesy post. I'll be back!

dengdeng in Wisconsin (but from Seattle)
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