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Subject:  Re: Everyone has money - until someone needs it. Date:  6/3/2001  1:28 PM
Author:  lorips Number:  150479 of 908871


I know that some of the well-wishers on this board are trying to protect you by "warning" you about giving/lending money to relatives, but I hope you are not second-guessing your action on the basis of this advice.

I think what you did made you feel good, and that's really what having money is best for, isn't it? There is nothing more satisfying in life than being able to help yourself, your (immediate) family, and others --relatives or not. I know that I would have gained more satisfaction by putting that check in the mail than I would have by taking a vacation or buying a big TV.

My brother (two kids, stay-at-home wife) is not a person of much means -- never has been and probably never will be. The last time he needed a "loan" he asked for $1100. I thought of it in the same manner you have (maybe a loan, maybe a gift?). Well, I think he paid it all back...he sent me checks for $100 each month for about a year. I didn't really keep track. I assume he did -- and I'd lend him $$ again in a minute if he really needed it (it was for a car emergency).

Sleep well...I'm sure you do,

God does not want you to be poor.
God wants you to be successful and wealthy.
Otherwise, how can you be in a position to help others?

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