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Subject:  Re: Everyone has money - until someone needs it. Date:  6/3/2001  11:32 PM
Author:  whitemiata Number:  150558 of 908851

No, actually, it isn't OK. My God gave me a brain, and He expects me to use it. It's a shame that making judgments has fallen into disrepute. More people should try it.

Ok, I'll give it a shot... sounds fun!

1st Judgement - I think your God expected you to use your Brain wisely.

2nd Judgement - I think your God might have frowned on your previous post where you said that >>There are some high-functioning retarded folks who do live their own lives instead of using their families<< ... and I would expect many of those families to frown as well ... not sure they all feel USED.

3rd Judgement - While it's probably impossible to refrain from making a Judgement (IN YOUR HEAD) when you hear/read/see something, a well functioning brain should allow one to refrain from posting/talking if said brain realizes it may be inappropriate.

4th Judgement - Ducks is right... mix it up a little, use the heart too, it's just as fun!



Wow! This was fun, thanks!


P.S. Of course this was all a joke... maybe you're new to Online Message forums, but there's this magical formula used on discussion boards called "agree to disagree." That is what Ducks used when he proposed to let God make the judgement. It's a polite way to say "Drop it." And trying to continue the argument after that statement is akin to chasing someone who just tried to end a conversation in the physical world.

P.P.S. I'm a much nicer person than you may think from this post... I'm just being a little sarcastic to show you what happens when one doesn't use the usual restraint when posting.

P.P.P.S. An appropriate response to this post would be a nasty "Yo Momma" one liner.
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