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Subject:  Re: Any room... Date:  6/8/2001  3:57 PM
Author:  GregLorton Number:  1216 of 2400

Gregoire le Roi!!!! Sure enough, climb on!!! Glad to see you! How is your piglet?? Hey, I'm going to be in the San Diego area for a few days next month. If Cliff lets me out of bed long enough, (and providing I can still walk) maybe we could all have a little brew together????



I really truly miss our repartee!!!!!! :-)

The pig is fine (as are the three dogs, two bunnies, cockatiel, and fish). My wife has volunteered to take care of orphan ducks for a local wildlife organization, so now we also have anywhere from two to eight of those around also at any given time.

Hopefully you'll be down in San Diego after July 2 (or before June 21). I'll be on vacation and out of town from the 21st through July 2 (in LA for a few days and then in Washington for a week). I'll try to make sure I'm not in Alameda during your visit. I meet occasionally with kaigun for lunch (although we missed today when our plans didn't get fully finalized).

p.s. Have you seen OB's Rogues Gallery?

I've lurked here occasionally, and was doing that earlier today when I came across the pictures. They are great! The thing that really amazed me is some of the facial similarities between you and Cliff (particularly in the early years). That's what caused me to join in today. I've been trying to get my son to take a picture of me with my brewing equipment wearing my Foolish jester cap, but he refuses to do so! (saying it's a waste of film) :-)

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