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Subject:  Re: Not everyone gets a tax rebate Date:  6/12/2001  12:48 PM
Author:  spl241 Number:  152964 of 910563

[So much for the GOP brainwashing the public into thinking that everyone's going to get a check soon]--Cherry, orig. poster

With all due respect, Cherry, why should people who didn't pay the taxes get the rebate this summer? I am SO sick of people kicking and screaming "but not everyone is going to get a rebate because they didn't make 6K/12K in taxable income!" It's not rocket science--this rebate is designed to put money back in the hands of TAXPAYERS, not people who didn't pay taxes.--1st reply w/lusty # rec's. & climbing...

Cherry, thank you for posting the NYTimes link about the tax cut. I went to the site & even took trouble to free-register to read the article. It's very informative. I wanted to read it for a 2nd reason, too: to see if your chief critic's words above are justified. Well, they aren't.

Why aren't they? For 2 reasons: First, the article is informative, not persuasive. It doesn't argue that everyone in the U.S. should get a tax rebate check. In fact, it states that 26% will get no rebate & 13% only a partial rebate. That's about 40% of the population that's all/partly excluded from this so-called "windfall." Second, you yourself aren't "kicking and screaming." Your total post of 19 words doesn't say anywhere that everyone should get some govt. money. It simply says that too many of the uninformed public--for whatever reason--thought they would get a check, no matter what. (You used "brainwashing," I used "uninformed.") Whatever, it's still up to each person to determine his/her eligibility.

You provided a readable, informative link. Don't be convinced that everyone agreeing w/your critic has read it. This is a case of "knee-jerk, pile-on" in my opinion. I'm not attempting to be a self-appointed mediator...just cranky about what seems to be unwarranted in this case.

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