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Subject:  Re: Not everyone gets a tax rebate Date:  6/12/2001  1:40 PM
Author:  jscott27 Number:  152998 of 910563

> I an SO sick of people kicking and screaming "THOSE people DON'T pay
> TAXES" as if low-wage workers contribute nothing to society,
> when "those people" are actually decent, hard-working folks who are
> paying a disproportionate share of their income as payroll

Please tell me that you are not trying to claim that lower-income people pay a higher percentage of their income in fed. income taxes, because if you are, you are flat wrong. Check out the information on the IRS web site. Please note that the recent changes only affect income/estate taxes, so you shouldn't expect a refund based on other taxes.

Along with this, I don't think anyone is trying to imply that people who make less aren't "decent, hard-working folks". What they are saying is that when people are asked to pay 2x as much of their income in income taxes it is not unreasonable for them to expect 2x as much back when income taxes are lowered. The only people I have seen demonizing others are the group that likes to spout "I am for the working class", as if those of use who happen to make more than the national average are somehow evil and undeserving because of it.

> This rebadte is designed to put money back in the hands of CERTAIN
> TAXPAYERS, and leave behind plenty of people who sure DID PAY TAXES,
> just not the "right" kind

What a bunch of BS. It is a refund and a change to the income tax code plain and simple. The refund is simply returning the $ that would have been returned at the end of the year after the return was filed anyway. It is in proportion to what you paid in income taxes.

BTW, whoever thought that the original poster was just informing others, take a look again at what was written:

> So much for the GOP brainwashing the public into thinking that
> everyone's going to get a check soon

First of all, this particular wrinkle to the income tax changes was originally a DEM idea. Anyone who thinks this bill is all GOP has been brainwashed, because if it was, it would be closer to what Bush originally proposed.
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