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Subject:  Re: Not everyone gets a tax rebate Date:  6/12/2001  2:03 PM
Author:  JennyJean Number:  153017 of 910558

Your total post of 19 words doesn't say anywhere that everyone should get some govt. money. It simply says that too many of the uninformed public--for whatever reason--thought they would get a check, no matter what.

Just wanted to second this -- my beef isn't with the actual structure of the tax cut/rebate (I *do* have some reservations about it, but that's a different beef), but that I keep hearing all this talk about Americans getting that $300 or $600 check later this summer. It's not all the politicians' fault, or even the media's fault; it's quickly become part of the conventional wisdom of the office water cooler. At lunch with coworkers the other day, one woman mentioned that her accountant had told her she was going to be getting a $600 check back, and that "everyone would be getting it." This was quickly amended to "oh, well, single people will get $300," but immediately everyone at the table started chatting about what they were going to buy with their check. (sigh)

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