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Subject:  Re: Not everyone gets a tax rebate Date:  6/12/2001  3:01 PM
Author:  Squawk1200 Number:  153071 of 910561

Please tell me that you are not trying to claim that lower-income people pay a higher percentage of their income in fed. income taxes

Of course not. Actually, you cut off from your quote of my post the end of the sentence, which was "payroll [i.e., Soc. Sec. & Medicare], sales, and excise taxes." Which, I'm sure you'll agree, are paid disproportionately by those making less than the median income.

Along with this, I don't think anyone is trying to imply that people who make less aren't "decent, hard-working folks".

Well, Diana is apparently under the impression that low-wage workers live completely tax-free. Do you share that impression?

What they are saying is that when people are asked to pay 2x as much of their income in income taxes it is not unreasonable for them to expect 2x as much back when income taxes are lowered.

Nor is it 'unreasonable' to expect that income taxes shouldn't be lowered at all until the public debt is paid off to a much lower level that it's at now, or that other taxes should be lowered instead of income taxes.

The only people I have seen demonizing others are the group that likes to spout "I am for the working class", as if those of use who happen to make more than the national average are somehow evil and undeserving because of it.

You must be joking. Out of the money that the gov't will "spend" (more accurately, not receive) on the tax cut, most of the money will go to those with high incomes. That is a simple fact. It is true that the reason this is so is because the cut is "across-the-board," but there is no reason that it "had" to be so. Some people preferred that it be so, and that view has prevailed for now. Those who disagree, however, are perfectly entitled to point out where the money is "going" and voice their disagreement that other options -- such as those that would include tax relief (hint, not income taxes) that would help low-wage earners -- did not prevail, and they are quite correct in pointing out that not "everyone" is getting the $300/$600.

Some supporters of the tax plan are not content with defending it on fairness principles, as you have done, but instead choose to make factually incorrect statements, like Diana's, to the effect that the only people that do not benefit from this plan are those who don't pay ANY taxes. If the plan is so great, why do the extremists have to lie to sell it? What's wrong with just saying, "I paid more in income taxes last year than most people, so I support an income tax cut because it benefits me more than another kind of tax cut would, and I want more money."?

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