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Subject:  Re: Regarding TiPBG4 Date:  6/13/2001  11:50 PM
Author:  2ndMillion Number:  51685 of 209703

agentpreppie scribed:

As with the last version of this person, if we ignore him he goes away. I just read his last post and wanted to reply soooo bad but I realized I would be wasting my breath so I am writing this as a plea to the rest of the Fools who actually like to DISCUSS/DEBATE topics relevant to AAPL to not reply to any of his posts no matter how ticked off they make you. I am in no way saying that his posts are not relevant, I'm just saying that there is never any debate from this person, they just keep qouting the same articles over and over and over etc. In summary IGNORE HIM. Do whatever it takes such as p-boxing him.

Grasshopper, you might still be student but you are wise beyond your years. Worthy of a rec and a smiley face!

As to the poster... Same ole links. Same ole crapola. Big hat... no cattle.

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